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Tired of Loose Dentures?

Regain your confidence and smile by attaching your dentures to implants!

Regain your confidence and smile by attaching your dentures to implants!

Three options available

  • Snap-In

    You snap your denture into place and remove it to clean it. Most popular option.

  • Screw-In

    Can only be removed by your dentist. Sometimes called “hybrid denture” or “All-on-4.”

  • Individual Teeth

    More like real teeth.
    Cannot be removed.


  • How much will it cost?

    It depends on the number of implants you choose and whether you want a snap-in variety or screw-in variety. Most of our patients choose to have the denture snap onto two implants and the average cost is around $4000-5000 per arch. Financing options are available.

  • Can I use my existing denture?

    In most cases we can retrofit an existing denture to implants. If you are pleased with the esthetics of your denture, this would save the cost of making a brand new one.

  • I have a gagging problem – can you fix that?

    Absolutely! When we attach your denture to implants, we can remove the superfluous pink resin from the denture, which will make it more like natural teeth and less bulky in your mouth. (Yes, that means we can remove the acrylic covering the roof of your mouth!) Additionally, we can do a digital scan of your mouth instead of using the old goopy impression material that makes many people gag.

  • Is this surgery?

    Yes. Placing implants is a simple in-office procedure and most of our patients choose to have it done with local anesthetic (you are awake and drive yourself home afterwards). Sedation is also available if you wish.

  • I’m not ready for complete dentures – are there any other options?

    Absolutely! We can replace single teeth with implants or use multiple implants to hold a row of teeth (“bridge”).

  • Why choose Clove Dental?

    We have 20 years of clinical experience. We use the latest technologies to produce predictable and accurate results. Our goal is to give you the best experience possible. Learn more about our team